WOWBUTTER in Food Service - the only alternative spread ALL KIDS LOVE!

Convenient, Nutritious and Widely Accepted, peanut butter has always been a staple for kids and adults alike. WOWBUTTER is fast becoming the next food staple and replacing peanut butter at socially responsible Schools, Camps, Day Cares, Restaurants, Hotels and other institutions. WOWBUTTER is available throughout Canada and USA.

WOWBUTTER is the ONLY "Kid Taste-Tested and Approved" peanut butter replacement/substitute available that has all the necessary components of taste, texture and nutrition to replace peanut butter and is accepted by school kids everywhere. It is ideal for anywhere peanut butter has been restricted, banned or removed from the establishment. WOWBUTTER is simply the "better life choice" for a healthy, happy environment.

If you would like a particular establishment such as your school or camp to serve WOWBUTTER, please print out the flyer below and take it to the establishment manager.

In Canada: 

In the USA: 

In the United States

Available in 22lb bulk pails, 2x4.4lb jars, 100 x 1.1oz Portion Cups or 200 x 0.65oz Portion Cups. It is credited the same as peanut butter for USA Child & Adult Food Programs when used as a meat alternative.

1.12oz (32g) of WOWBUTTER is equivalent to 1 meat serving for the United States Child Nutrition Program

The perfect replacement for peanut butter at peanut free schools having the taste and texture that kids know, love and expect along with the nutrition to keep them active and healthy!

Food Service Distributor Item Numbers USA:

Distributor  (Vendor #)
200 x 0.56oz Cup 100 x 1.12oz Cup

6 x 1.1 lb Jar

2 x 4.4lb Jar 22 lb Pail
Sysco (361263)   7000923   7001055 2785321
US Foods (115498) 9628900 9634114   9624115 9634098
Gordon Food Service (335400) 970961 948062   544231 985854
Food Services of America (1001275)   432657 435400 432345 435803
Reinhart Foodservice (9399) H9306 H9312   H9326 H9378
Thurston's Foodservice          
Merchant's Foodservice (73948)         70770


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    In Canada:

    WOWBUTTER meets the Ontario provincial government "School Food and Beverage Policy" implemented to encourage healthy eating at school.

    It is ideal for school breakfast programs or lunches/snacks when kids have come to school without food.

    Many schools have incorporated WOWBUTTER into their school managed lunch or breakfast programs and it has been a big hit with the kids. Please contact your food provider and request WOWBUTTER for your school or contact us for more help.

    Available in 10kg bulk pails, 2x2kg jars, 6x500g jars or 200x14g single-serve packs.

    Food Service Distributor Item Numbers Canada:

    Distributor  (Vendor #)
    200 x 14g Cup 100 x 28g Cup 6 x 500g Jar 2 x 2kg Jar 10 kg Pail
    Sysco 2412489     2368274 1565482
    Flanagan Food Service 403516   977934   403450
    Gordon Food Service 1182617   1182615   1182595
    Summit Foods 650675     649762  
    Colabor 29155   29154 30055  

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