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Sending WOWBUTTER to school as a peanut butter replacement

Why does my school need WOWBUTTER?
The financial risk to the school relative to lawsuits, not to mention the risk of children dying who are, in most cases by law supposed to be safe at school, has prompted a total ban of all peanut-related foods in many schools. When these bans are implemented, there are more people upset with the total peanut ban than most people realize. WOWBUTTER and the School Lunch Procedure developed to send our peanut butter replacement to school represents a perfect workable solution that provides a compromise between the few that need the peanut restrictions for safety and the mass majority that don’t, but ultimately have been affected.
What really happens when peanuts are banned at school and parents don’t know about WOWBUTTER?
Although many people would like to believe that banning peanuts and peanut butter will stop all peanut products from being sent to school, unfortunately that is not the case. Many parents struggle with school lunches when a peanut ban is implemented. Left without options, some disregard the ban and send peanut products anyway because they are unaware of WOWBUTTER peanut butter replacement. That is very dangerous to the school and those kids with peanut allergies. We offer a perfect solution with WOWBUTTER where no one needs to be concerned about harming a child with a peanut allergy. Additionally, WOWBUTTER has the familiar taste that kids know and love.
What will my school do when I send WOWBUTTER to school with my child?
If you have not followed our School Lunch Procedure, they may question you regarding what you are sending in your child’s lunch. It is always better to be proactive and inform your school that you are sending WOWBUTTER and prevent any lunchtime confusion. We have a School Lunch Procedure to follow with a convenient pre-written letter that you can download and print from our website the first time that you send this product to school.
Is there any way to determine the difference between this product and real peanut butter?
We have developed a School Lunch Procedure for parents to follow when sending our product to school.  Our peanut butter replacement and the accompanying School Lunch Procedure have had such a positive impact on schools that many are keeping jars of our product in every classroom as part of a healthy breakfast program to provide those students nourishment who have either forgot their lunch or did not get breakfast at home.  In fact more and more schools are requesting samples for every student in the school to send home to let parents know that our product is an acceptable replacement for peanut butter at school. The School Lunch Procedure that is outlined on our website provides the disclosure and school lunch identification that is necessary in a peanut free environment to ensure compliance with school peanut free policies. EVERY JAR OF WOWBUTTER NOW CONTAINS MULTIPLE LUNCH IDENTIFICATION STICKERS THAT ARE EASILY ACCESSIBLE FOR PARENTS AND EASILY IDENTIFIED BY SCHOOLS.

Unless EVERY food item that comes from home is labeled accordingly, the school will NEVER be guaranteed that any food product from home is peanut free.  Parents are more than willing to label and identify lunches containing WOWBUTTER which as mentioned above is FAR SAFER than the unlabeled lunches entering most schools now.
What happens if a students lunch is not labeled?
If a sandwich comes to school that is not labeled, the lunch will have to be handed over to the teacher and the student can be provided a WOWBUTTER sandwich that can be made with product that can be kept in the classroom.  More and more schools are keeping jars of WOWBUTTER in the classroom as mentioned in the answer above. It will only take one time of forgetting to label a sandwich/lunch and then it won't happen again. We also have classroom posters that can be downloaded and/or requested to display in the classroom and remind students to ensure the lunch is properly labelled.
Will some families attempt to send real peanut butter in hopes the school may not notice?
NO! PARENTS ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY SEND TO SCHOOL IN THEIR CHILD'S LUNCH IF THE CONTENTS OF THE LUNCH ARE LABELLED.   It is a criminal offense to misrepresent or mislabel something where a person can be harmed.  Unfortunately, if a school lunch is not labeled by the parent, there really is no way of truly telling what is in the lunch.  We are actually making schools safer by requesting that parents label the contents of lunches and indicating that the lunches are peanut and nut free. 

There have been many incidents of consumers telling us how happy they are now that there is a safe peanut butter replacement for school.  In one instance, a father had been sending a peanut butter sandwich with his son to a peanut free school for years without the school even knowing.  He just told his son not to tell anyone... that was very dangerous.  But his son wouldn't eat anything else and he made the decision to provide his son with a nutritious lunch rather than looking out for the safety of others.  We introduced him to our product and his peanut butter loving son didn't even know the difference.  Now when using WOWBUTTER he is providing the nutritious lunch for his son without potentially harming another child.  In another case, the mother was sending peanut butter cookies because that is what her child liked... she is now using WOWBUTTER to make the cookies.  There have been many other examples just like these... we hear them all the time from consumers who are very frustrated with the limitations that have arisen when peanut free policies are implemented. 

ALL parents will support peanut free policies, if they are given a workable solution and our WOWBUTTER with the lunch identification stickers are providing this much needed solution.
Do parents with allergic kids support sending WOWBUTTER to school?
We receive a tremendous amount of positive feedback from parents with allergic kids AND those without, regarding their excitement about our product and the School Lunch Procedure implemented that works for everyone. WOWBUTTER achieves the common goal of restricting peanut products at school, reduces the chance of an anaphylactic shock, increases the awareness of peanut allergies and reduces the liability risk to the school.
How is WOWBUTTER helping schools educate about peanut allergies?
WOWBUTTER is changing all parents' attitude towards a peanut ban at school in a positive way. We are offering a solution to all parents and schools that everyone can agree with, support and follow. This in turn is creating a better awareness and understanding of peanut allergies and the reason for a school peanut ban. An increasing amount of Socially Responsible Schools are finally realizing that openness, education and awareness about anaphylaxis is most important to a successful peanut policy. Product solutions like WOWBUTTER are necessary to realize the maximum effectiveness of school peanut policies. Realistically too many people still really don’t fully understand why they can’t send peanut butter to school and that is very dangerous.
Does WOWBUTTER reduce the liability risk to the school?
By accepting, encouraging and promoting the use of WOWBUTTER, schools are reducing or eliminating the potential for lawsuits that can arise if a child is harmed from a peanut allergy. By implementing complete peanut bans and informing parents about WOWBUTTER as a peanut butter replacement, schools are executing their due diligence regarding peanut allergies. There is more potential risk in not supporting or encouraging a peanut butter replacement in the school than allowing a completely safe product like WOWBUTTER. Following a procedure that raises the needed awareness of anaphylaxis and provides full disclosure of the contents of school lunches is a win-win for everyone.
Is there a law against sending WOWBUTTER to school?
There is no law against sending a peanut butter replacement to school and a school policy cannot legally stop a parent from sending it. It is always best to let your teacher and/or school know what you are doing. Your school should be very supportive in your decision to be proactive in making the school a safer place. Following our School Lunch Procedure will result in an easy transition to a peanut free school for you and your school.
Is your School Lunch Procedure working in the schools?
Given a choice between disobeying school policy and sending peanut butter OR sending a safe and approved peanut butter replacement such as WOWBUTTER, parents ARE HONORING the school policy and sending the peanut butter replacement because they were given a CHOICE and the decision was easy. However, when not given a choice for a peanut butter replacement, many parents who do not know about WOWBUTTER and the School Lunch Procedure ARE IGNORING school policy because their child has NEEDS too.
How much demand is there for WOWBUTTER at school?
In many stores where WOWBUTTER is selling, it is actually outselling some national brands of Peanut Butter, a true testament to the demand and need for a safe, nutritious and tasty peanut butter replacement for school. WOWBUTTER is the only product that "Tastes Just Like Peanut Butter!"
How can I help my school become peanut free and/or tree nut free?
The biggest reason schools are hesitant to implement peanut bans is the fear of backlash from parents about what to send to school to replace peanut butter as a food staple. With your help we can educate your school about the options now available to facilitate the easy implementation of a peanut ban at your school. Please visit our Peanut-Free Schools section when you can find a letter that can be downloaded and printed to send to your school principal.

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