Cookie Applications

How to Use

  • Directly substitute WOWBUTTER for Peanut Butter in any cookie recipe. There is no need to change any formulation. Add in additional Toasted Soy Flour for enhanced p-nutty flavour
  • All types of nuts can be replaced with either the Toasted Soy Nuts, Toasted Soy Halves or Toasted Soy Pieces. You should monitor the moisture levels of your cookie batter as the soy products (except WOWBUTTER) will absorb moisture. Since each cookie product is different, experimentation will be required.
  • A combination of the WOWBUTTER, Whole Toasted Soy Flour and Toasted Soy Pieces can also be used to create a Nut Free cookie with a crunch.


  • Make a nut free cookie
  • Make a nut free peanut butter style cookie
  • Reduce costs by replacing expensive nuts (almonds, pecans) with soy
  • Increase Omega 3 levels and Omega 6 levels in cookies
  • Added Soy health benefits

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